Why You Need Junk Removal for yard Clean up?

yard clean up

After winter, you should be aware that mid to late winter is often an excellent time to spend time in different parts of the United States. Yes, the winter dead for non-spring flowering plants is one of the best periods to plant while the plants are sleeping. Take advantage of many trees and shrubs during this dormant season. This provides additional root and energy reserves for the remaining branches to support new growth.

For most plants, but especially floral and fruit-bearing plants, sprinkling is important. Well-maintained plants produce more flowers or fruits, and winter pruning allows trees and shrubs to defend themselves from pests or diseases, so that they need less maintenance in the spring and summer.

Worried about your plants being cut? No need, as pruning wounds are exposed only for a limited time before the growth cycle starts. Sleeping season, or winter, pruning is also simpler as the branches can be clearly seen. The leaves are long gone during the winter and most woody plants sleep.

Each October, as temperatures begin to drop, homeowners in Oklahoma area begin preparing their homes for the coming winter. Furnaces are washed, doors and storm windows are installed, and gutters are inspected for waste. Although you may think that the yard should wait until spring, this is one job that should not be postponed. In spring, the yard landscape does not start–the best time to prepare your lawn and countryside for next year is right now! A junk removal company in OKC wants to give a few tips to homeowners to help clean up their landscape. The following tips include:

  • Rake your lawn; this does not only remove stupidly falling leaves, it lifts the stalk to ensure a better ventilation.

  • Prune trees; remove dead branches and cut back overgrown areas before further collapsing under the imminent heavy snow.

  • Clean flower beds and vegetable garden remove dead bulbs, plants, rabbits, craps and leaves; turn over the soil, so you’ll get a clean slate to plant next year.

  • Remove any blackened plants, including petunia, marigolds and zinnias, following the first heavy frost; remove and destroy all plant stalks on any perennials of diseased foliages, resulting in fewer problems next spring.

  • Defense of young plantings with easy windbreaks from heavy snow and strong wind.

  • Do not cut the lawn at the last mowing too short; keep it 1.5 to 2 inches high at least.

Winter Care Tips for Pruning

Gardener Beware: Winter springing requires care though sprinkling is indeed a good idea for most of your plants, you still need to follow some guidelines to ensure that your plants are not accidentally hurt. Almanac.com reports that some tips for winter pruning include:

  • On a hot, dry day, prune.

  • First prune dead and ill branches before pruning.

  • Then remove the overgrown branches and smaller ones in the tree’s crown to increase light and air.

  • Typically, the goal is to maintain or restore the branches that grow or sustain the tree structure.

  • Cut branches at the root, where one branch or branch is connected to the other.

Large Yard Cleaning

In many ways, yard waste will come. Have you had a recent storm that left huge branches of the tree scattered across your yard? Have you recently undertaken a project for planting or landscaping, leaving dirt and waste everywhere? Have you just had some trash and stubbornness in your yard that you didn’t have time to clean up?

The disposal of yard waste and junk transport are often year-round requirements.

Contact Junk Frog for junk removal in OKC if after yard cleaning your home is left with huge debris.

Flat-Rate Junk Removal Services in
Oklahoma City

When you know you need waste disposal, but you don’t know where to start, give Junk Frog a call and we’ll help you make a plan for your junk removal. With just a little information about your project and what kind of junk you’ll be removing, we can ensure you get the best support possible. We’re committed to providing waste disposal services that fit your needs—not ours.

Junk Frog is the Oklahoma City metro’s only junk removal service that offers flat rate junk removal pricing. All of our upfront, transparent prices include labor and any fees required for the transport and disposal or recycling of your junk. If we end up donating any of your junk, we’ll even send you a tax-deductible receipt. To find out more about your flat-rate junk removal fees, or to schedule a pickup, call Junk Frog today at 405-444-5865.

JUNK FROG provides RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL roll-off dumpster rental and junk removal service throughout Oklahoma including Oklahoma City Metro, Norman, Edmond, Mustang, Warr Acres, The Village, Bethany, Choctaw, and surrounding areas.

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