Mobile Storage Rental Agreement

The customer assumes the responsibility of agreeing to our terms upon purchase of a rental of a Frog Box.

Junk Frog is not responsible for any contents that enter the box.

Customers will provide their own lock to secure the box. If we pick up a box with a lock on it the customer will be charged a $250 fee to remove the lock.

Junk Frog will not be responsible for items left inside the box upon pick up or relocation, nor will our drivers check the boxes before they retrieve them.

Any damage that may occur to the box, while rented, is the responsibility of the customer and Junk Frog may seek damages if necessary.

If there are contents inside the box after removal, and the rental period has ended, we will recycle the contents of the box appropriately at customer's cost.

Upon arrival to retrieve a box, if there is a hindrance of any kind and we cannot take the box (i.e. car in the way, on site supervisor says to leave it, etc...) the customer will be charged a $50 fuel charge.

If you would like the box set in the yard or in the street, we are not liable for damage to the yard or any city citations.

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