How to Uninstall a Dryer/Washer?

dryer uninstall

Uninstalling old appliances is certainly not the way to enjoy an evening, but your laundry and dryer will stop working at some point. When you have your old washer and dryer or just want to upgrade to something new, someone will have to remove the old washing machine and dryer. That person could be even you.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you buy new ones, the easiest and quickest way allows professionals to remove your washer, but that is not always possible. For example, when you buy a washer and dryer to upgrade your old washer and dryer, either you have to pay for the installation of your new washer and dryer or you have to take the DIY route or take the best way i.e. dumpster rental in OKC.

Dryer Uninstallation – What Points to Check

Check Lint

You should be able to lose lint and probably other waste. Bear in mind that this can pose a respiratory danger, so hold your breath and wear a mask.

Vent Hose of Dryer

The dryer ventilation shaft is generally as easy to remove as the loop that binds the shaft to the dryer ventilation. Finally, you can test the blockage for your dryer vent once the shaft is removed. It’s a good idea to check your dryer vent before you install a new dryer. This is not a question you want to fix later.

Washer Uninstallation

Uninstalling a washer is more dangerous than a dryer. If you want a hassle-free uninstallation, you must follow a few steps. First, run the washer and the spin cycle, it will make sure that washer has no water left. Before you start uninstallation to ensure to make it free from water as much as possible as it is quite heavy and messy.

Turn off the Water

Stop both hot and cold water to the washer and disconnect all pipes to the machine. You can store hot and cold-water hoses inside the washer.

Damage Check

Check the washing machine physically before you move it somewhere else. Any physical damage, especially metal damage can lead to injury.

Get Right Supplies

A Dolly with Straps

A few people are large enough to take, move or carry a washer or dryer. A robust dolly is a must for this effort. Dollies are usually supported by straps to hold appliances. The use of straps is a very cautious idea that can reduce the risk of injury.

Collect Gloves

Additional materials, such as good gloves with excellent grip surfaces, are required when moving a washer or dryer. When you try to move a large and bulky gadget the last thing you want is to lose your grip.

Move Appliances

Moving appliances on your own can pose a few threats as an inexperienced person can get injured while moving it. Even if your washer is on the dolly, you must practice a few cautions.

Clear the Way

You must clear the way on which you are planning to move your appliance. Otherwise you may end up damaging other things or appliances or even wall at home.

Clean up

After moving your washer or dryer, make sure to clean the home or the area. There could be lint under the washer or dryer.

Moving a large appliance like a washer or a dryer can pose threats to a person and property. Large appliances involve electricity, water and even gas. That is why a professional approach is much needed for a washer uninstallation. You can contact Junk Frog for dumpster rental in OKC.

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