Constructional Waste Disposal Guide

construction waste disposal

Constructional waste is unavoidable; therefore, you have to act smartly to dispose of all debris. If you are in a business where product waste is quite natural, you have to think about legal ways to manage all waste strategically. You must follow the waste management hierarchy that will help you in reducing, reusing and recycling the waste while disposing them successfully. This is essential as you cannot deny the fact that your decision will impact the environment and it will reduce the landfill demands.

There are certain things you should remember while removing constructional debris like wood, drywall, roofing, flooring etc.

Here are the tips.

Plan Ahead

You should estimate how much debris can be there and choose the correct dumpster size. You should also consider the debris type. The concrete debris should be separated from other materials. Concrete is dense and this is quite different from other heavy materials like lumber.

Debris Volume Estimation

Measurement of one cubic yard of junk or debris is 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. – this is a standard size of a kitchen oven. In a ten yard roll off dumpster you can fit ten kitchen stoves. This way you can visualize and estimate the right dumpster size for the constructional debris from your project. You will also have to calculate the amount of debris and how many dumpsters you need to accommodate them all.

Do Not Mix up Different Debris

Essentially, there would be different types of debris. Like do not mix up construction debris with general household wastes. When needed, you should hire multiple roll off dumpsters for multiple projects. This is a convenient and affordable option.

Benefits of Construction Waste Management


The businesses should control their wastes. There are state and local codes on the constructional wastes and management. The commercial sectors should abide by the laws for disposal, treat or store wastes.

Health and Safety Standards

When wastes are not handled and segregated property it can put public health and safety at stake. Therefore, the companies should not throw wastes here and there, instead of there should a specific space or a roll off dumpster.

Reduced Costs

When you do not have a right construction waste management there will be increased cost in many ways. With the management programs, you can identify reusable items and stop double costs.

Social Responsibility

When you invest in a waste management program, it gives a sense of your awareness of waste disposal that is a social responsibility too. It will help protect the natural resources and energy requirement for transporting and reprocessing wastes.

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