Mobile Storage Containers for Commercial and Construction Use

Commercial Mobile Storage Shipping Container Rentals

When you need secure storage for your jobsite or just a little more space for your business operations, consider a mobile storage container from Junk Frog. Our ISO-certified containers are fireproof, pest-proof, and waterproof, with 1.5” steel walls and security-style, heavy-duty doors that are virtually impenetrable.  And, at 8’ x 8’ x 17.5’, Junk Frog’s mobile storage containers are large enough to store up to 1100 cubic feet of whatever you need on hand and protected.

In addition to providing immediate, on-site access to equipment, inventory, or space you need, mobile storage containers can be anywhere from 30-50% less expensive than self-storage and can be used to meet an array of needs beyond simply keeping your stuff safe.

Mobile Storage Containers for Construction Sites

Whether it’s a remodel, restoration, or new construction, mobile storage containers add maximum value and convenience to any construction site, residential or commercial, with a minimal footprint. Use a mobile storage container on your construction site for:

  • Storing expensive tools and equipment securely and nearby
  • Preventing unauthorized access to equipment and materials
  • Maintaining a tidy, organized jobsite
  • Protecting unused or raw materials until you’re ready for them

Mobile storage containers can also be used as:

  • Mobile stock rooms to keep necessary supplies and support inventory on hand
  • Onsite office spaces, for site managers and critical staff, as well as for team breakrooms

With a mobile storage container at your construction site, you can increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and reduce time and costs.


Mobile Storage Containers for Commercial Businesses

No matter what industry you’re in, your business could always use a little extra space. Junk Frog’s mobile storage containers give you all the added room you need without the overhead of buying or renting more square footage. Their convenience, portability, and flexible rental terms mean you can use them as you need them and where you need them for as long—or as short—as you need them, and the possibilities are endless.

Restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more can use Junk Frog mobile storage container for:

  • Storing equipment, inventory, and fixtures during remodels or construction
  • Inventory management, including storing excess inventory or off-season goods until they’re needed
  • Pop-up locations
  • Storing important files, records, or databases safely and securely
  • Additional workspaces
  • Storing spare office furniture, tools, or equipment
  • Relocating employees, offices, or equipment

Mobile storage containers can also be used in recovery operations if your business experiences damage from a storm, flood, or fire.


Commercial Pricing for Junk Frog Mobile Storage Containers

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Junk Frog’s mobile storage shipping containers are less expensive to rent than our competitors’ and they’re in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Our fees are flat-rate—no hidden fees or surprise costs—and we offer special pricing to our commercial partners so you can keep your operations running without worrying about going over budget.

$1,260 - FOR A 365 DAY RENTAL

*Fuel charges may apply

*Moving fee is charged for each storage container relocation. Junk Frog is not responsible for any damage incurred if storage containers are relocated. Weight is restricted to 6,000 lbs if storage container will be relocated.

*Commercial price discount only available to approved commercial accounts.

If you require tax exempt status, please e-mail us or call us to order.


Choose Junk Frog for Your Construction or Commercial Mobile Storage Container Needs

When it comes to renting mobile storage containers for your construction or commercial needs, we know you have a lot of choices. Junk Frog makes the decision easy with a robust inventory of mobile storage containers that are in-stock, on-hand, and ready for delivery within 24 hours of a request. We offer easy, transparent, and competitive pricing that makes your mobile storage container cheaper the longer you keep it, and you’ll never get saddled with surprise fees or surcharges.

Junk Frog is a locally owned and operated company, not a franchise from a larger out-of-town chain. We live and work in the communities we support, and take great pride in delivering professional, exceptional customer service that respects your time and your property. We guarantee that you’ll get on-time delivery of your mobile storage container and hassle-free pickup whenever you’re ready.

Commercial Storage Container FAQs

Renting a mobile storage container from Junk Frog is fast, seamless, and easy, with transparent, upfront pricing and friendly customer service.

  1.     Schedule your drop off.

Call us at 405-444-5865 or book directly on our website to request your mobile storage container and schedule a drop off. You provide us with the location; we’ll provide you with the confirmation and a delivery date. Most deliveries can be completed within 24 hours of request.

  1.     Store your stuff.

Once we deliver your mobile storage container, it’s yours for as long as you need it.

  1.     Let us know when you’re done. We’ll come pick up your container for no additional charge.

*Moving fee is charged for each storage container relocation. Junk Frog is not responsible for any damage incurred during the relocation of mobile storage containers.

While a traditional storage unit–sometimes referred to as self-storage–is perfectly suited for many businesses, it can add more inconvenience to others, especially those that may need easy, 24/7 access to the contents they’re storing.  A traditional storage unit is part of a bigger storage facility that isn’t on your property. Not only does this put it–and whatever you’re storing–off-site from your location, but it makes your contents harder to get to, requiring a trip (or several) to the unit to load and unload, plus even more work if you can’t drive right up to the unit and have to take your contents inside a building. Access to your unit may be limited to certain hours, depending on the facility, and you’ll be relying on the storage facility’s security systems, the condition and reliability of which you have no control over. You may be able to rent a storage unit from month to month, but it’s more likely you’ll be locked into a 6- or 12-month lease.

A mobile storage container from Junk Frog, however, is delivered directly to your property, placed where you want it, and accessible any time. You keep it only as long as you need it, and when you’re done, we’ll come pick it up.

Mobile storage containers from Junk Frog are portable, affordable, secure, and convenient. They are easy to load–no stairs, no buildings to access, no loading into a vehicle–and there are virtually no restrictions on what you can store in it. Although shelves, racks, and ramps can be added to customize your storage solutions, mobile storage containers are versatile and can be used in myriad ways to meet all kinds of needs beyond just storage. 

Mobile storage containers are especially ideal for businesses or companies with multiple job sites or who may need to have extra inventory, supplies, or equipment accessible but out of the way of daily operations.

Need disposal instead of storage?

Junk Frog offers dumpster rentals and junk removal services as well.

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