5 Tips for Getting Rid of Junk

Ah, fall. The cooler air and shorter days signify the end of summer and the beginning of winter. It triggers something in us, something that makes us want to…

Get rid of junk.

Spring cleaning has its place for clearing the staleness of winter, but fall is also a great time to take stock of your home or property and figure out what you can clean up and clean out. Summer gardens are done producing and need to be dug up, falling leaves need to be raked, and flower beds need to be pruned in preparation for the coming cold. (And, there are always the fall storms Oklahoma is notorious for, leaving lawns littered with limbs and debris.)

A shift in seasons also prompts a change indoors. Summer clothes go up and winter clothes come out, furniture gets rearranged and décor gets rotated. For many people, the gradually increasing hours inside are  another indication that you’re about to spend a whole lot more time among your cluttered cabinets and closets. (Plus, you have to make room for all that online shopping you’ll do this winter.)

Junk’s not a bad thing. We all have it—from bicycles, clothes, and toys the kids have outgrown to supplies for projects that never happened to appliances or power tools we never repaired. However, your junk does need to be handled responsibly so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.


Whether you already have a pile of junk or expect you’ll have one soon—maybe you’re planning some yard work this weekend—take a few minutes to figure out how you’ll dispose of it. Nothing is more daunting than looking at a pile that’s been accumulating for weeks, months, or even longer and trying to decide where to start, so try to avoid the situation in the first place. Before you begin cleaning, cutting, or condensing, have an idea of what you need to get rid of and what you’ll need to do it properly.  You may be able to donate or recycle some items, while others can go straight to the dumpster. Still others may require professional removal.

If you aren’t sure what can go where, call Junk Frog. We’re experts in removing all kinds of junk, and we know how to dispose of your junk properly. Here are some of the items we take and what we don’t. If we can’t take your items, we can get you in touch with the people who can.


There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Just because something’s been sitting in your shed or garage unused doesn’t mean it isn’t useful to someone else. Items that are in relatively good condition can be donated to organizations that will pass them on to people who really need them, giving your junk a very useful second life. If you can, designate a spot for items that are still usable, just not used by you, and make regular trips to a reputable donation site.


Many cities and communities provide a monthly large item or bulk trash removal service. Contact your local city or county officials to find out when they plan to be in your area and how often they do pickups. If you aren’t currently on a route, you may be able to request to be added.

Also be sure you know what type, size, and number of items they will take, so your junk doesn’t get left behind.


A big obstacle when cleaning up junk is not being able to get the junk to a disposal location. This may be because there’s too much junk, the items are too big or awkward, or there simply isn’t a site close by. 

Streamline your junk removal by renting a dumpster. Yard waste from fall cleanup or a crazy Oklahoma storm? It can go in a dumpster. Trash, furniture, leftover material from your home reno project, even old appliances—nearly all of it can go in a dumpster.* 

Junk Frog offers roll-off dumpsters in a wide range of sizes that we can deliver right to your property. When you’re done with your junk cleanup project, we’ll even come pick it up.

*Here’s more on Junk Frog’s dumpster rentals, as well as what can and cannot go in a dumpster.


A junk removal company doesn’t do you any good if they leave you high and dry with a yard full of waste. Not only can Junk Frog haul off almost any junk you might have, but we’ll also do it quickly, professionally, and properly. With our flat-rate fees and same- or next-day appointments, you don’t have to wait around for a quote as your pile of junk gets bigger.

Here’s more on what Junk Frog does and doesn’t take, as well as our junk removal services.

Flat-Rate Junk Removal Services in
Oklahoma City

When you know you need waste disposal, but you don’t know where to start, give Junk Frog a call and we’ll help you make a plan for your junk removal. With just a little information about your project and what kind of junk you’ll be removing, we can ensure you get the best support possible. We’re committed to providing waste disposal services that fit your needs—not ours.

Junk Frog is the Oklahoma City metro’s only junk removal service that offers flat rate junk removal pricing. All of our upfront, transparent prices include labor and any fees required for the transport and disposal or recycling of your junk. If we end up donating any of your junk, we’ll even send you a tax-deductible receipt. To find out more about your flat-rate junk removal fees, or to schedule a pickup, call Junk Frog today at 405-444-5865.

JUNK FROG provides RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL roll-off dumpster rental and junk removal service throughout Oklahoma including Oklahoma City Metro, Norman, Edmond, Mustang, Warr Acres, The Village, Bethany, Choctaw, and surrounding areas.

Awesome price; very clean and the customer service was above and beyond. We needed to extend at the last minute due to illness and they were more than fair with pricing and time. Will always recommend and will definitely use again. - S.E.

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